Thursday, April 7, 2011

Waiting on Spring

Heyy goodlooking ;)
Yesterday, I went to my Boyfriend's house afterschool :) with my new Nautical striped bow headband! LOL

Today, we had gym first thing in the morning so I wore a very comfy/casual sweatpants + my new t-shirt that I thrifted :D not the hottest outfit but hey, we all have sloppy days!

Hoping so hard that tomorrow will be warm enough for shorts! My order from American Eagle came a few days ago and I have a pair of high-waisted navy shorts I want to rock! My Forever 21 order also came yesterday, gotta go pick it up tonight. Excited For sure!

Random question: Where's your favorite place to shop? Leave me a comment if you'd like!

XOXO (wil add photos shortly)


  1. pretty top!

    Danniella @

    i shop at Topshop, HnM and Zara- well they are my faves!


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