Wednesday, April 27, 2011

To pixie, Or not to pixie!

What's up homeboys? :)
Just wanted to ask your opinion on a trend I'm noticing on many celebrities. Not a fashion trend, a hair trend: the pixie cut!

Emma Watson

Michelle I Williams
This look isn't for everyone! but I personally love it! Wear it with a headband, spiked / poofed up, or down straight with bangs. I'm the type of girl whos always up for trying something new! I took a picture of Emma Watson to my hairdresser this Winter, but I chickened out, now that the weather's warming up I have been looking at those pictures again! Do you think the pixie haircut is too boyish, or is it cute and also, do you think a pixie cut would suit me? Just looking for some opinions :)

Heres a very very unflattering picture of my face shape! :
(I have naturally dark brown, straight, thick hair)

 Also, I just wanted to show my outfit of the day :)
I had on a pair of silky/suede-like high waist American Eagle shorts & my striped button down & my hair was in a messy bun!
I'm dying my hair tonight back to dark brown I think! My hair right now is supposed to be brown turning to blonde (ombre) but I did it myself, not a prefessional, thus it's not so great lol.


  1. i think the pixie cut would look great on you just a little bit longer than michelle and emma's cute and cute outfit!

  2. Hmm.. best way to tell would be to try on a wig perhaps? Gives you an idea of how it might look!

  3. I love short hair, both beautiful! Kisses

  4. Cute striped shirt!
    I'd say no to the pixie just because every girl that has ever coveted that hair style and consequently had it done has regretted it.

  5. i think emma x the pixie cut is stunning! xx

  6. I looove pixie cut! If I had smaller face, I would definitely give it a try. I think, it might actually look good on you. You should go and try a wig on to see if you are comfortable with such length of hair.

  7. awesome <3

    check out my profile, i have a new post :)

  8. I'm so glad you are following! (and I gotta love that you're a fellow Canadian!) I've done the pixie and it took a lot of getting used to. It looks great on certain people but I never felt confident with it. You got to be ready before you pull something like that off.

    xo L.

  9. Pixie is so cute for beautiful girls!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  10. short hair looks amazing! It is great for the summer. Your outfit is stunning. Love the short!

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