Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm so scared... It's my first time!

After reading DulceCandy's blog (check her out @ She's for sure my role model) I began to think... Hey Tanaia, you love love love clothes, you want to start new trends and be a fashionista! You could start a blog showing your funky outfits! But oh yeah.......... you'r only 16 going on 17, you live in a very small town where most girls only wear Hollister or Abercrombie t-shirts and jeans and the boys wear camo and rubberboats to school. How would I get the CONFIDENCE to post blogs and take pictures of myself (not an exact "model") sporting outfits I love (let alone wear them out and about)? But then again, I dont want to be another stereotype at my school.. I want to stand out! If little ol' 5'1, shy, me can do this you other girls can too! I wanna be a Dulce Candy to you readers (even though I have notta one)! Together we can change the Fashion World of young girls!
Bahh, I'm excited ;)

Goodnight, xoxo

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