Saturday, May 28, 2011

Turquoize and navy

Yup, It's been forever since I've posted! So I went to the movies last night with some friends and I just quickly snapped a photo before leaving! Our school is having a trip next year to Europe.. so Ive ben trying to fundraise and get money, so I can see Europe! (An amazing experience!!!!) This morning I had a bake sale!
Also I have been VERY busy playing lobball! It's so much fun! Exams are coming up.... Im so SCARED!!

Top - American Eagle
Shorts (that you've seen 1000 times) - American Eagle
Necklace - My great grandmother's

XOXO, Enjoy your Saturday!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Steal Her Style #3: Lauren Conrad

Fashion Icon, Lauren Conrad knows her stuff about style. 
She even wrote a book on it ;)
I love Lauren's style, the way she plays with textures and patterns and she always has perfect hair.

Love her blazer & sandals

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Wishlist

Greatt.. I have a fever :( So I am home from school "resting" and feeling like poop.
At the end of the month, my french immersion class is going to Halifax (like the only city in Nova Scotia) and we get to stop into the mall for a while! So I am saving up some money to go on a litle shopping spree. Here's the things I currently want to pick up:

Black oxfords
we have to wear black shoes at work, so I could wear these and be half-stylish, even in an ugly uniform.
Aldo - $50 CAD
Orange belt
To go with my yellow shorts, great for colorblocking ;)
White or bright colored blazer
Perfect for Spring, adds to any outfit, hopfully I can find a nice one while shopping!


Crazy Retro sunglasses
American Eagle - $15 CAD
Bright heels
I really don't have any heels, for special occasions! So, I want something not too hard to walk in and brightly-colored to fit my personality :)
 Ps. The reason why I usually pick Aldo shoes, is because where I live, theyre aren't a huge selection of nice shoe stores and Aldo is my favorite.
Aldo - $90.00 CAD

Bright top & skirt OR colorblock dress
Add some Spunk to your outfit ;) paired with some bright shoes+ purse <3

Zara - $60.00 CAD
Cute shorts


Sweet Button-down

Essie nailpolish
Essie Turquoize and Caicos
Springy Pink lipstick
MAC's Saint Germain lipstick - $17.50 CAD

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring To-Try Trend #3: Vintage-Looking Sunglasses

Sunglasses this summer have gone old school. Quirky, crazy, flashy shades <3

Retro, Cat eye, John LennonOversized 70,

American Eagle Retro

Fashion Fifth

Ray Ban Clubmaster <3

Just Hedonism
Alexander McQueen

Je ne sais quoi
Pure Lovers
1960s RayBan ad

1940 ad

Friday, May 13, 2011

Quick Outfit Post: Lace Blouse

Agggh, school has me going crazy! No time for anything. I have had a research paper to write all week and I have been exhausted plus I got a new baby bunny! :) I will be posting this weekend when I get some time! Thanks to all the new followers!! :D
Now off to work XO.
lace blouse - thrifted
navy shorts - American Eagle (theyre my favorite as you can tell lol)
black belt - Forever 21
blazer - thrifted

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Steal Her Style #2: Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson has always been a fashionista since way back when the OC was my favorite show.
I adore her california-cool style. Preppy stripes, cool sunglasses, boho bags, modern blazers and cute dresses; Bilson has an enviable closet. Rachel always keeps it simple, but still manages to turn heads.

Tanaia's version:

Navy Zara boyfriend blazer

Red Asos cuffed trousers   (So want them)

This Zara bag is cuter and more modern

Steve Madden leopard pumps
So boho chic <3

Tanaia's Version:

Topshop cream midi dress (I apologize about the blurryness)

Zara orange short blazer

Juicy Couture 'Monaco' leather bag

Aldo flat sandals

Rosette necklace Forever 21

Forever 21 sunglasses

Rachel Bilson's photoshoot for C magizine - March 2011:

Now even though Rachel Bilson is not my Style icon, (she's a little to safe-dressing for my tastes) she is quite fashionable and alot of women look to her! :)
What do you think of Rachel Bilson's style?