Thursday, July 7, 2011

Romantic Fashion

Soft florals
Floaty fabrics
Lace & crochet

Nothing like a little romantic fashion to make you feel like a princess in a fairytale.

O My Heart!

Romantic Spread: Danish Elle
Image 1 of Vero Moda Embellished One Shoulder Dress
Vero Moda - Asos
Image 1 of French Connection Lace Shift Dress
French Connection - Asos

Stolen From Grandma

Forever 21

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grade 11 is over for mee :) & I need your help!!

I think I did excellento on my exams... I hope! All, except math which I knew I would fail. lol
Today was my first day without school. My dad, brother and I went to Yarmouth. I wasn't going to buy anything but....

This cute dress was 50% off & only 25$.. had to get it !!
Cute eh?

Also, I wanted to show you my pageant dress... :D :D
And I need you fellas' opinions!
And I will be asking your opinions on the pageant until it's over because I am so damn excitedddd
anyways, I know it's plain (thats what accesories are for) and wrinkly (its been in a bag.. I'll steam it) and not that goregous but it fits like a glove and if I tone up a little bit it won't be too big, it's the perfect height that I don't need 6 inch heels!! (its not a BEAUTY pageant, so heels arent required) and best part... it was on sale for 80$!!!

If we end up having sponcer, Ill have a nice expensive dress to wear but if not, this is my alternative!
OK. Here's where I need your help:
1. Hair up in a curly updo? Like so:

Or down with volumized curls? (maybe extensions too) Maybe something more retro <3
2. Gold or silver accesories? (I personaly like gold, but silver is nice too)
3. What kind of shoes? Pumps? (my fave) Strappy sandals? Peep toe pumps? & what color? Black, nude, silver, gold, white, red?

4. Necklace? or no necklace? & bracelets? What kind of earings? Chandeleir?

Thanks so much for your opinions :)

& I also want to show you my 3 favorite nail polishes:

There's my dress I got for my Birthday... I dont look good in it at all lol

& my Raybans I got for my Birthday :)

 & this is just a picture of my pageant dress last year :)
Have a good ol' day :D:D

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little Update Post :)

Well.. I am done the hardest of my four exams... the math provincial :)
but three more, so you probably wont see a post ntil Wednesday but all Summer, Im going to post every other day if I can :)

So.. I turned 17!! :)
I got my makeup did and went shopping for a dress... that Im going to wear in the Miss Teen Nova Scotia pageant! It's in either November or May! And Im so excited!
I'll show you the dress at some other date.
If you want, you can guess what color/ style of dress I got :)

Anyway, my Bday party was a blast! We had a pinata (idk how to spell it) and a campfire!! :D
I'd post photos but not sure if my friends would like that!

Anyways, is anyone going to prom this year?
If so, I want to see photos! I cant wait for my prom next year <3

Friday, June 3, 2011

Shopping Outfit of the day!

This is what I wore on my class trip on Tuesday! :)
I tried to make it look sixties-like.

 On my trip I picked up a hot pink cut-out dress and harem capris but... I gotta wait till my Birthday (next Tuesday) to get them :(
I will be placing a shoe/clothing order when I get my Birthday money! :P
Also, Im trying to lose 20 pounds.. I just dont feel good about myself anymore and I wanna rock my bathing suit.

Also, heres a picture of bunny, Randi <3

& my Boyfriend giving it rabbit ears... lol

and what I wore today!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Turquoize and navy

Yup, It's been forever since I've posted! So I went to the movies last night with some friends and I just quickly snapped a photo before leaving! Our school is having a trip next year to Europe.. so Ive ben trying to fundraise and get money, so I can see Europe! (An amazing experience!!!!) This morning I had a bake sale!
Also I have been VERY busy playing lobball! It's so much fun! Exams are coming up.... Im so SCARED!!

Top - American Eagle
Shorts (that you've seen 1000 times) - American Eagle
Necklace - My great grandmother's

XOXO, Enjoy your Saturday!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Steal Her Style #3: Lauren Conrad

Fashion Icon, Lauren Conrad knows her stuff about style. 
She even wrote a book on it ;)
I love Lauren's style, the way she plays with textures and patterns and she always has perfect hair.

Love her blazer & sandals

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Wishlist

Greatt.. I have a fever :( So I am home from school "resting" and feeling like poop.
At the end of the month, my french immersion class is going to Halifax (like the only city in Nova Scotia) and we get to stop into the mall for a while! So I am saving up some money to go on a litle shopping spree. Here's the things I currently want to pick up:

Black oxfords
we have to wear black shoes at work, so I could wear these and be half-stylish, even in an ugly uniform.
Aldo - $50 CAD
Orange belt
To go with my yellow shorts, great for colorblocking ;)
White or bright colored blazer
Perfect for Spring, adds to any outfit, hopfully I can find a nice one while shopping!


Crazy Retro sunglasses
American Eagle - $15 CAD
Bright heels
I really don't have any heels, for special occasions! So, I want something not too hard to walk in and brightly-colored to fit my personality :)
 Ps. The reason why I usually pick Aldo shoes, is because where I live, theyre aren't a huge selection of nice shoe stores and Aldo is my favorite.
Aldo - $90.00 CAD

Bright top & skirt OR colorblock dress
Add some Spunk to your outfit ;) paired with some bright shoes+ purse <3

Zara - $60.00 CAD
Cute shorts


Sweet Button-down

Essie nailpolish
Essie Turquoize and Caicos
Springy Pink lipstick
MAC's Saint Germain lipstick - $17.50 CAD