Sunday, April 17, 2011

Steal Her Style #1: Leighton Meester

Better known for her role on Gossip Girl as Blair Waldorf, Leighton Meester is a three-in-one: Fashion Icon, Actress & Singer. I am a big leighton fan, I love Gossip Girl and her song Body Control but most of all I love Ms. Meesters quirky/romantic style that's all her's.

Tanaia's version:

Asos Crop Top

Topshop striped pecil shirt

Forever 21 necklace, gives it a bohemian feel.

Forever21 Woven belt

Forever 21 Flower clip, to clip unto the side of belt.

Aldo Clogs - Although we can't see Leighton's shoes, this is what I'd wear with this outfit,
They add to the rocker-boho look.

Love the romantic taste of the dress with the bright pop of yellow from the bag.

Tanaia's version:
American Apparel back lace bodysuit
Victoria Secret PINK black yoga bralette

Vila Asymmetric trousers in Camel - Asos
For a more girly look add:
Asos platform sandal with bow

or for a classic edgier look:

Asos platform heel
I hope you enjoy this post & Leighton's style! She's truly amazing and I can't wait to see more inspiring looks from her!


  1. love the skirt - love the length
    and i think she dresses great

    thanks for the comment on my blog
    sure we can follow each other..

  2. thanks for checking out my blog and leaving the comment, and of course we can follow each other :)
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  3. I love Leighton!
    Great items as well!
    Following you now :)

  4. great pieces love the different looks! and which one were you looking into? parsons or f.i.t.?

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  5. Love Leighton!

    Monique xx

  6. I love Leighton, she has an amazing style and she is so beautiful!

    ♥ Kisses ♥

  7. I love this post, truly inspiring ! I love Leighton Mesteer, she's my fave Gossip Girl carachter ! I am following you !

  8. gave you an award on my blog!

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  9. Love the stripes skirts :)

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