Sunday, April 17, 2011 Wishlist

Okay, I know probably everyone and there dog has shopped at Asos but I JUST googled it the other night and I am blown away. Free international shipping and so cute clothes.... If only I wasnt making minimum wage. Lack of moolah = wishlist! Just somethings that caught my eye that would look good in my closet.

Vero Moda Pastel Blue paperbag trousers - 53.43$
Will emphasize my smaller waist and look hot with my new pastel pink thrifted blazer. 

I really want to try colorblocking and with the above items I could add them altogether or add a piece or two from my own collection! Its love.

Inverted Lapel Blazer - White - 115.77$
White blazer ups any outfit, tones down a maxi dress, adds to light pink top and jeans

Hope you enjoy!
Also random question: What would I wear to my boyfriends bothers wedding this June.
Maybe a cute little dress, buy some nude pumps and a blazer.. a go-to outfit. Suggestions accepted :)


  1. love the idea you have of the dress and nude pumps definitely a floral dress and white blazer would look amazing! great pieces same wish i had more money to spend at asos

    giveaway at my blog!

  2. Great pieces!!!
    Ok! That's ok! :D

  3. ASOS is great! I love their free shipping. Those blazers are super cute. I really like the white one. I think a dress with a blazer will be perfect for a wedding!

  4. I loved your wishlist, great pieces! Asos has amazing clothes ;)

  5. I love Asos! It makes a girl dream :)


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