Friday, January 11, 2013

Three Anticipated Hair Trends of the New Year

It seems like this year Bold colours & cuts will be seen more & more, on runways & on the street.

1. Platinum: that almost-white, silver-ish blonde - think Gwen-Stefani-turning-heads-Blonde.

2. Bangs: a strong, blunt fringe can style a boring haircut. looks good from Taylor Swift long locks, medium length bob to even a short pixie cut. 

3. Short, Edgy Cuts: miley cyrus may have had the right idea, short crops are so hot right now.. whether you have the balls or not to try such a 'do; you got to admit they're taking 2013 by storm.

Will YOU be caught sporting any of these trends - this year? ;)

Monday, January 7, 2013

HAIRDO 2013?

Good morning dolls, Been up all night contemplating new 'dos for starting school again this Month. Here's some of the pictures I've been eyeing up :

I want to grow my Assymetrical cut out but thats not going to happen when it looks like poopoo like it does now :
Current hair cut, but it's not red no more

Current colour with extensions
I have thick hair and I want it long enough to still wear my extensions when I choose, but the cut is growing out and is shaggy. Any suggestions for Spring 2013? :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 wow

Holy moly.. I decided to look this up, 2 years later.. what had made me stop? I guess heartbreak can do that to a girl.. I loved fashion and had something I was proud of!! Now I'm 18, a whole new girl.. I live with my boyfriend in the city and by the end of this week ill be a registered makeup artist. Isn't that crazy?! Last I posted, I was only a girl in high school.. anyways.. i want to start this blog up again.. if I have any followers still.. I have a whole new style.. mostly black for my cosmetology school lol.. but more grown up and edgy!! I can't wait to get started again!! Xoxo

A whole new me