Friday, June 3, 2011

Shopping Outfit of the day!

This is what I wore on my class trip on Tuesday! :)
I tried to make it look sixties-like.

 On my trip I picked up a hot pink cut-out dress and harem capris but... I gotta wait till my Birthday (next Tuesday) to get them :(
I will be placing a shoe/clothing order when I get my Birthday money! :P
Also, Im trying to lose 20 pounds.. I just dont feel good about myself anymore and I wanna rock my bathing suit.

Also, heres a picture of bunny, Randi <3

& my Boyfriend giving it rabbit ears... lol

and what I wore today!



  1. love both outfits the first one is adorable love the mix of colors and textures! can't wait to see what you're going to get!

  2. Amazing outfits!!!
    I've got a bunny too.. He's so cute ;)

  3. Great post! keep rocking!

    also, i have a new post if you like to check out
    love, katheryn

  4. really love the hot pink top with the floral skirt - sometimes i worry about pairing bright tops to match my floral skirts but this came out so well - beautiful xx

  5. Carina la collana! Il primo outfit è composto da capi che non sono per niente male, ma devo ammettere che nel complesso non mi piace! Il secondo è molto semplice..comunque il coniglietto bianco è bellissimo! anche io ne ho uno, esattamente così, se vuoi passalo a guardare dal mio blog, ma in post precendenti, si chiama Christian :D è un amore!
    Un bacione

  6. cute outfits, the first one is my favorite :)

  7. love the khaki shorts with the white shirt - cute


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