Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Wishlist

Greatt.. I have a fever :( So I am home from school "resting" and feeling like poop.
At the end of the month, my french immersion class is going to Halifax (like the only city in Nova Scotia) and we get to stop into the mall for a while! So I am saving up some money to go on a litle shopping spree. Here's the things I currently want to pick up:

Black oxfords
we have to wear black shoes at work, so I could wear these and be half-stylish, even in an ugly uniform.
Aldo - $50 CAD
Orange belt
To go with my yellow shorts, great for colorblocking ;)
White or bright colored blazer
Perfect for Spring, adds to any outfit, hopfully I can find a nice one while shopping!


Crazy Retro sunglasses
American Eagle - $15 CAD
Bright heels
I really don't have any heels, for special occasions! So, I want something not too hard to walk in and brightly-colored to fit my personality :)
 Ps. The reason why I usually pick Aldo shoes, is because where I live, theyre aren't a huge selection of nice shoe stores and Aldo is my favorite.
Aldo - $90.00 CAD

Bright top & skirt OR colorblock dress
Add some Spunk to your outfit ;) paired with some bright shoes+ purse <3

Zara - $60.00 CAD
Cute shorts


Sweet Button-down

Essie nailpolish
Essie Turquoize and Caicos
Springy Pink lipstick
MAC's Saint Germain lipstick - $17.50 CAD


  1. really great pieces love so many of the bright colored ones! hope you feel better!


  2. The shoes on the first photo r just perfect!I also love the sunglasses and the outfit on the 8 photo. I love your blog- im following u :)))

  3. I love everything that you've mentioned here ! <3

  4. I have got very similar oxfords :) and i really love asos shorts <3
    kisses from Poland;*

  5. i love your blog!
    if you want, visit my space
    i'm new follower!

  6. Love your shopping list, especially the oxfords, belt and the shorts...

    P.S. Following you now, so if you follow my blog, I will really appreciate the support. :)


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  8. love the blazers and shoes - great selections


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