Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little Update Post :)

Well.. I am done the hardest of my four exams... the math provincial :)
but three more, so you probably wont see a post ntil Wednesday but all Summer, Im going to post every other day if I can :)

So.. I turned 17!! :)
I got my makeup did and went shopping for a dress... that Im going to wear in the Miss Teen Nova Scotia pageant! It's in either November or May! And Im so excited!
I'll show you the dress at some other date.
If you want, you can guess what color/ style of dress I got :)

Anyway, my Bday party was a blast! We had a pinata (idk how to spell it) and a campfire!! :D
I'd post photos but not sure if my friends would like that!

Anyways, is anyone going to prom this year?
If so, I want to see photos! I cant wait for my prom next year <3


  1. happy belated birthday! can't wait to see the dress and i wanna see how your make up was!

  2. Happy happy birthday! :D
    I've got exams too so don't worry.. we're in two here! ;) I can't wait to see your dress though!! I bet it's.. blue or black. ?!


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