Thursday, May 5, 2011

Forever 21 Haulage :)

Yup, my F21 order came today. Betcha didn't even know I had an order coming ;)
Not sure what I think of the shoes, they were on sale. but theyre a little to crazy for where I'd have to wear them. The shirts got little zippers on the sleeve! so cute! Thinking of wearing it with those BRIGHT yellow shorts I got, which are really wrinkly lol. And that skirt is really cute, I plan on wearing it to the wedding I'll be going to in a month!
What do you think of my new clothing?

 My very simple outfit yesterday, I liked how my bun turned out :)

Shoes I have been wearing alot lately, F21 Floral oxfords and Walmart gladiator sandals my nana gave me ;)

Also, today I ordered a pair of red pescription Ray-Bans! I cant wait for them to come!

=) Love you!


  1. love what you bought and the shoes remind me a bit of the ones i ordered i can't wait to see how you style them! and love the floral oxfords so cute!

  2. omg the CLOGS are amaziiing! nice buys dear xxx

  3. lovely haul.
    Im in Love with your floral oxfords..they are so damn cute! ♥
    may e we can follow each other!! & thanks for commenting on my blog!


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